Wilanowska elegance


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A project of an apartment in Warsaw’s Wilanow area, about 80 square meters.
The flat is not overloaded with unnecessary decorations, props or furniture. It is clean, transparent and the dominant colour is gray. As the owners of the flat say – they wanted not to overload the interior and, above all, not to clog it. We managed to. Thanks to carefully selected accessories such as a sofa in a contrasting blue color, a lamp above the sofa, lamps above the table (the owner’s own choice), it was possible to complete the whole of the interior in monochrome and to give it dynamism. The lamps are located above a long dining table. It is long enough for three copper llamas of different diameters and shapes to look phenomenal over it. Immediately after entering the apartment, just the opposite there is a mirror surrounded by stucco. The stucco appears in the whole apartment in the form of coffers and decorative strips. Sometimes, as is the case of the living room, the wallpaper was used instead of coffers, which colors refer to the colors of the rest of the apartment.
The lamp in the seating corner with sofas, in the living room, draws your attention. The lamp is placed on a decorative rosette, it is a kind of a joke about the crystal lamps, because its form and shape refers to them, but it is made of small balloons, connected with links with the light LED lamp. The whole resembles the shape of a crystal lamp. The owner of the flat came up with the idea of ​​a lamp and adopting it to the living room. The kitchen was enlarged by one of the rooms that made it a more discreet room next to the living room. The image of the table is complemented by chairs that are also the choice of apartment owners. We have long thought about their color, but the final decision was gray (instead of white) so as not to introduce too much color contrast. Right next to the dining table there is a kitchen, small but sufficient. Its colors blend with the walls in the living room and they are in the tone of the wallpaper located right next to the wall in the living room. Above the black, stone top in the kitchen, an unusual material was used just below the hanging cabinets. Instead of traditional tiles or popular glass, we used an aged mirror in small blocks forming a brick layout. The whole makes the kitchen seem elegant, spacious and bright, because it reflects the light rays coming through the balcony window located next to it. Going to the right of the entrance, a small corridor, we come to the bathroom, which is behind the door with steel glazing bars with milk panes. The concept of a white bathroom, covered with the white glass, was the idea of ​​the client herself. Thanks to the fact that the wall with the door is made of frosted glass, the bathroom is bright and has natural light that falls through the milk panes. Thanks to the operation of enlarging the bathroom, it was possible to fit a free standing bathtub, a shower, a toilet and a washbasin with a worktop and drawers underneath. The contrast with the white walls was to be the floor that is covered with Italian cement tiles with a unique, original pattern, consisting of several shades of pomegranate. This kind of the floor was on the list of owners’ dreams. The guest toilet, in turn, also has a cement floor, but in a more classic pattern and shade, so that it blends with the furniture panels on the wall, and with a classic shape of ceramics. On one wall we have simple furniture that is a continuation of the style of the rest of the walls. However, behind these furniture fronts there is a lot of practical space like a washing machine, a dryer, an economic storage box for an ironing board, a ladder, etc. An additional aesthetic treatment in this bathroom, adding its class and elegance, is equipping it with gold lighting fixtures so that the bathroom is aesthetically consistent and timeless in its classic form. The bedroom is very simple and delicate, in a bright gray color. In the background there is a bookcase, next to a restored desk and a chair. The headrest, however, has been covered with a material in the colors of the walls and curtains.


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