The skeleton of solids


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The character of the interior created the skeleton of levitation solids in space. The black frames organise the functional program by accentuating its constituent elements.

The base and the purpose of the project intervention is a flat, located in a restored old tenement house located near Wawel, in Krakow, Poland.

The restaurant is quite small as it has an area of ​​46m2, but the height is 330cm in the light of the room that allowed us to think about the local layering of utility functions and the creation of a mezzanine. Analysing the requirements and lifestyle of the client, we felt it was advisable to maximize the open living space (a living room) and to create a bedroom on the mezzanine, above the entrance door for the apartment.

In the space of the apartment, therefore, the following zones have been separated: the entrance with the hall, the kitchen open to the living room and the dining room, the bathroom and separated children’s room. The bedroom area above (above the entrance to the apartment, the kitchen and the bathroom) on the mezzanine was divided into the master bedroom (separated from the living room space) and the children’s bedroom (accessible from the children’s room). It is worth noting that due to the client’s family lifestyle, the flat is not used on a daily basis, and is mainly an “own haven”, a meeting point, one of the places in the living space of our customer and his family.

Thanks to the arrangement of space, we could fill the desired functional plan of the customer on a small surface and, at the same time, maintain the spaciousness of the day zone, opening to the undoubted advantages of the place – high interior, attractive balcony and large windows, in addition, to what is outside the house.

The flat has been designed functionally and modernly. The language of aesthetic articulation is compact and minimalistic and the layout of the space is legible and adapted to the needs of the client.

The interior is dominated by white, complemented with ash wood and the black skeleton of levitating solids in space that organizes and accentuates elements of the composition. The whole composition is complemented by free-standing furniture of well-known and respected producers.


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