Interior design of the apartment in Jastarnia, 2017


Category: Living room


The apartment in Jastarnia is a place designed for resting and the escape from a crowded city. It is a holiday destination of our clients. The idea was to create a minimalist interior but with a slight influence of the Asian island. The entire wall facing the terrace consists of sliding doors, that are high up for the whole floor, thanks to which the apartment offers a panoramic view of the sea.

An exotic accents are introduced by the table, the top of which investors brought with them from one of the exotic travels, and hanging over it 3 large rattan, plaited lamps. Chairs are also natural wood with a ribbed backrest. The entire dining room and kitchen are black so that they symbolically separate from other functions in the room. The living room zone also sets its limits thanks to the sofa, that is arranged in the letter “L”, to complement the arrangement of the room. In this corner, a clay pot with the Ubud banana garden was put.

Wooden rustic benches, woven baskets or stumps in the form of tables appear in the whole apartment, complementing the assumed character of the interior. The bedroom is separated from the main part of the apartment by a wall with wide sliding doors, thanks to which we can partially open it to the living room. The bed was located in the middle of the room with a view of the terrace. Its background is a high, partially openwork door, behind which there is a bathing salon with an open shower, a free-standing bathtub and a washbasin. The toilet and wardrobe are enclosed in separate rooms adjacent to the bedroom. At the other end of the apartment, a guest room was designed, a children’s bedroom and an additional bathroom.


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