Elegance in Powisle


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A 140-metre-long apartment on Powisle, a neighborhood in Warsaw’s borough of Srodmiescie (the city centre), is for a four-person family. In the central part of the apartment, which is in the living room combined with a beautiful, stylised kitchen, the whole life of the family takes place. Therefore, both spaces are extremely presentational and cleavely divided among themselves with the help of an elevated island that separates these two zones-a kitchen and a seating area. On the walls of the living room and the kitchen, there is a stucco-the main element of the decorative apartment that also appears in other rooms. The stucco has been blended with beautiful paintings and sconces, highlighting even more chic and elegance in the whole apartment.  The dining area is located in the side of the apartment, right next to the bay with windows. Above the original table hangs an equally original lamp.  A very interesting solution are almost no visible door from the living room to the bedroom, blended into one of the walls of the living room. Due to the fact that the edges of the door are covered with the stucco, they give the impression of a wall element and are practically invisible. Consequently, the bedroom is an invisible part of the apartment.  On the main wall in the living room, behind the cornice, there is a collapsible screen.  Opening the “invisible” door we enter the parents’ bedroom. It is very elegant and consistently emphasizes the stucco on the walls. In the bedroom there is also a semi-open dressing room, with a gray bookshelf and drawers that fill the space up to the ceiling. The stairway elements of the furniture were upholcled with upholstery. To the right of the entrance, behind the white, almost invisible, retractable doors in the wall, there is an elegant bathroom, preserving the colors of white, beige and black. The black and white mosaic on the floor and the black tabletop gives the character of the whole room and at the same time emphasizes white and beas on the walls. The glass pane separating the bathroom from the shower cubicles is in the form of sliding doors that blends beautifully with all the elegance of this room. The corridor also belongs to the representative part of the whole apartment. The cabinets are in the color of the walls and with the continuation of the stucco, they merge with them to form a uniform whole. The Mirror-fronted wardrobe, enlarging the space, creates an interesting spatial impression. The toilet, which comes from the corridor, refers to the rest of the rooms with its elegance and the use of the stucco. It is simple and distinguishable with a minimalist washbasin and a spectacular chandelier, which, thanks to the crystal beads, amazingly dissivates the light throughout the room. The girl’s room, the incorrect romance, is designed with a great deal of subtiness and tenderness. White color predominates and is the strongest and the most characteristic element of the room as well as the white-turquoise wallpaper with geometric shapes of Herringis, which is to establish the arrangement of the oak floor.


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