Apartment 80 m2 Warsaw


Category: Bedroom


This time, we are presenting the project from 2017 located at the street of Obroncow Tobruk, Warsaw. The presentation will start with the main bedroom kept in gray shades and calm colors. A large matrimonial bed and a part of the headrest are in a dark gray color, the remaining part of the headrest is in bright symmetrical upholstered panels that stretch all the way to the ceiling. On both sides of the bed, the high mirrors increase the space optically and are also very practical in the bedroom. A strong accent is dark and original lighting.
On the left side of the bedroom there is a wardrobe door – discretely incorporated with the wall. In front of the bed there is a TV next to which there is another door – this time to the bathroom that is located next to the bedroom. In the bathroom on the floor and on the wall there is resin imitating concrete. On the built-in concealed frame for the hanging bowl and in the shower, the herringbone mosaic was also arranged in white color. The climate is added by original lighting – hanging lamps on wooden balls next to the mirror. The L-shaped hall connects the bedroom with the living area. On the floor tiles were used, where the gray color predominates, while in the part from the entrance to the living room the filling is made of tiles from the same series yet with a geometric pattern. At the entrance, we are welcomed by an upholstered niche on each side where there are also hangers to hang the outer coats used every day. Moving from the corridor to the living room, we go further into the minimalist white kitchen with simple fronts with milled handles. The fridge, the oven and microwave were all built into the kitchen. The wall with the window is covered with so-called herringbone-shaped tiles “Chevron”. From the kitchen we move to the living room connected to the dining room. The living room has irregular interiors that connect with the buildings in the hallway. A piano was placed in the center of the cabinets. The yellow armchair is the color accent – this color was also used in the kitchen lighting, above the island. In the dining room the central point is a table for eight people whose top is made of a natural tree in one original piece. In the dining area there is also a fireplace next to which there is a recess for wood. The place next to the recess was used on the wine racks as well. This effect is to combine practicality with a visual effect. At the end, there is a guest bathroom with a shower. Tiles imitating wood were placed on the floor and the wall above the table top. Cabinets above the sink are completely covered with a mirror extend to the ceiling. The peripheral concealed rack with the toilet bowl has been covered with light tiles, while above the height of approx. 120 cm. – cabinets with milled fronts have been integrated into our project. The other two walls are painted in a neutral gray color. The whole bathroom is kept in bright colors.


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