The project of an apartment in Warsaw, Poland, 110m2.


Category: Living room


The apartment with a spacious 50-meter day zone (a living room and a kitchen), three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a utility room and a hall.

In the apartment on Konstancinska Street an impressive living space comes to the fore. The living room and the kitchen, connected with it, occupy about 50 m2. Investors (a couple with two growing boys) wanted to fill this space with bright colors, hence the white and shades of beige predominate in the living room. The large glazing of the living room, opened to the park, was in turn an inspiration to introduce a significant amount of wood. It is a whitewashed oak that perfectly harmonizes with the visible interior. The whole is complemented by dark accents in the form of a red chair standing at the kitchen table, a red cushion or a red kettle.

Whitewashed oak, white and lively details are the main motives of the project. They create a style that could be described as warm minimalism. It is the result of cooperation with investors who – what is interesting – initially applied to only in order to make corrections to the already started project created with another architect. Our work on this interior, however, turned out to be far more fruitful and successful, and its success is proved by the fact that investors wanted to faithfully restore the project, which they did.

In the daylight zone, lighting deserves a full attention. First, technical lighting has been introduced that illuminates individual parts of the room. Secondly, they were placed on round forms of decorative frames, which slightly “soften” simple forms of furniture. Two saucers hang over the table at different heights and above the living room by the ceiling there are two different size plates. The large amount of light provided by the mounted ceiling lamps meant that it was necessary to provide them with a dimming option, so that the household members could control the intensity of light according to their own needs.

Another interesting solution used in the day zone is a kitchen island combined with a pull-out table. At first glance, the structure seems to be integrated, but in reality it is possible to extend the table and add a hidden leg to it – then this piece of furniture becomes a freestanding table. The living room also has a hidden place to work in the form of cabinet fronts that open and hide into the body.

Light colors and wood also dominate in other rooms: in bedrooms, in bathrooms and boys’ rooms. Bathrooms are perfectly coordinated with gray tiles, wood and white fittings. In the bedroom, a more powerful accent are fancy, larger than typical night lighting, black lamps. On the other hand, children’s rooms are attracted by unconventional shapes of furniture – furniture from mainly Polish manufacturers.