The main idea of the project was to close all elements that could clutter a small space in the closet. All kitchen appliances are hidden behind the white fronts. The kitchen section with a worktop is located behind the sliding door. Due to this, the kitchen, when it is not used, does not overwhelm. In the whole flat everything has its place: every niche or slot has been used for storage space – even for a broom and an ironing board. Under the ceiling, there are capacious cabinets for suitcases or things less frequently used. In total, all wardrobes in the apartment have almost 12m3 of capacity!

Almost 90% of furniture components came from IKEA (in the case of renting the flat and a possible destruction of items, all facilitates can be easily exchanged). The rest was only slightly modified by a carpenter. To facilitate the orientation of what conceals the next element, yellow pictograms have been applied on the fronts. This simple and cheap way of adding a playful expression to the whole apartment reflects also the individual character of mass furniture! The wall with the entrance door was completely covered with a mirror hence the size of the flat was optically doubled. What is more, in the small bathroom furniture above the washbasin are made entirely of fronts with mirrors, behind which there are shelves for cosmetics.

The whole area is dominated by white and pine board that also covers part of the wall with high furniture. Thanks to this, the large element of the furniture does not overwhelm and is taken as a free-standing element.