The bedroom design in Gdynia Redłowo required unique solutions. To make the bedroom elegant, appropriate, selected and unique furniture was chosen. The most important in the project was a large bed with a magnificent headrest. The material, which is a grant velor and quilted headboard, adds style and softness. When arranging the bedroom, a lot of emphasis was put on lighting, which is delicate and interestingly blends in with rich furnishings.


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The apartament project is for apartament in Gdynia, Poland. 

The interior design of the living room with a kitchenette combines minimalism, elegance and tinsel. The whole salon is in black and white colors with elements of the grant and golden accessories. The walls present snowy white, which were decorated with delicate stucco on the walls. On the wall by the kitchenette are black tiles with white veins imitating black marble. Kitchen furniture is divided into two parts: the lower cabinets are white, while the fridge cabinet and upper cabinets are in black, thanks to which they beautifully blend in with the background of black marble. In the kitchenette, we also have a very interesting tube-shaped hood and a golden faucet, which add an interesting design. 

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