Fasten your seatbelts – in front of you, there is a quick journey to the apartment straight from Paris suburbs, where elegance, timelessness and comfort have found their place. The owners were looking for interior decorators from Warsaw who would prepare their apartment in a tenement house for rent – in a way that would delight potential tenants. Have we succeeded?


This is a beautiful apartment, which is reached by the lift, that is a huge surprise for everyone – a bit like a hotel room or a scene from a good movie. In view of this fact, the apartment could not be unremarkable, because a good first impression is not everything. Let’s start with the living room – this is one of the most important room in this house. There is a spacious dining room in one space, the living room with a TV and a modern kitchen where you can prepare delicious meals in a flash. Thanks to this, all household members have the opportunity to stay in one common area. Beautiful, black and white paintings complement the interior, just like a crystal chandelier that hungs above the table. And it is only getting better – a luxurious bedroom, small but cosy, it is open to a glass bathroom with a beautiful bathtub, a spectacular bust and a motif of red flowers. This apartment is for people who value the best quality furniture and a timeless design.


The apartment quickly found new tenants, delighted not only by the location, but also the style and furniture in the apartment. We are very pleased with this fact and we feel that our efforts have been rewarded.