The entire apartment is very characteristic, saturated with contrasts and pleasant at the same time. The elements made of steel, perforated metal sheets were combined with wide boards on the floor. In the kitchen, you can see a suspended raw and steel superstructure against a brick background that resembles interiors of old Paris tenement houses. There are wooden kitchen fronts and a stone worktop. Steel and old bricks are in a natural color. There is an abstract painting hanging far away on the wall. One material highlights the other.
To even out the optical area of the living room, the entrance zone with a perforated metal door was enclosed. It is another original element in this interior. The visual reception of the entire decor is softened by rounded sofas. Two sofas in such an arrangement allow for sitting, facing practically every direction. Behind the TV there are large-format quartz sinters on the wall.
There is a steel door to a small toilet. High or lower with a superstructure made of the same material reaching up to the ceiling. The bedroom door next to the adjacent kitchen becomes less visible against the entire surface covered with the same material.
We have used black bricks and a bed that allows for sleeping in two directions.
Bathrooms are decorated with a variety of colors matching to the character of the entire apartment.
The dark bathroom has a washbasin from the Italian company Agape and the steel is enameled. Against concrete floor and walls made with the weatherboarding technique, the washbasin brings out the industrial design. To make the entire decor look warmer, a piece of wall with a geberit system is covered with veneer.
The bright bathroom seems lighter and the herringbone pattern of tiles on the wall gives it a touch of elegance. However, it does not lack an industrial element in the form of a perforated net on the wall with a mirror, mounted in a distance holder on the wall. In order to multiply the contrast, the washbasin is made of stone that also emphasises a natural character to the bathroom. Natural wood covers the floor and parts of walls.