A two-room, spacious apartment with an area of 52 sq. m located in the tallest residential building in Poland – the Sky Tower, from where you can admire the panorama of Wroclaw thanks to the glazing on the whole wall. The interior is dominated by bright, subdued shades of beige, broken with white accessories and wood in a warm shade of American walnut. The delicate stylistics is varied by structural wallpaper, stone and decorative gold mosaic in the bathroom.

The realization of the house from 2012.

The realization of the house in 2014 in Gdansk, Poland.


The project was completed in 2014.


A hole to another world means a hole to another dimension where you can jump into to get away from the problems of everyday life. The flat was designed for a couple who, at that particular moment, has just got married. The owners of this interior love travelling and always bring various elements for their house from flea markets and then convert them to the style that suits them. It was a great pleasure to work with such a genuinely creative couple. Their bedroom had to be extraordinary because of their artistic souls. We have prepared a pattern in belts that starts from the wall to the ceiling to create an interesting visual effect. The bathroom is a combination of cold Nordic style while creating a cosy space. A washing machine along with a dryer was put in a built-in closet that is also a place to store cleaning products and clean towels.

The owner of the flat is the Polish blogger. Our task was to design the whole space: a room for children, bedrooms and a daily zone – living room with a dining room. As it was possible, we opened the space by removing the removal from g-k panels under the stairs and near the fireplace. In their place, we have a beautiful console and a wheel white rustic chimney butler’s pantry. On walls, we have adapted the modern and clearly gray prohibition. The interior was selected with white rustic furniture and beautiful lights and kines of excellent forms that saved space. Additionally, we have increased the number of Scandinavian decorations: thick woolen blankets, sea grass baskets and felt clear cover. To introduce a more overall elegant look, the elements in a gold color, beautiful chairs with a golden wire wedding, a coffee table and other decorations in golden tiles were added to the flat.

The word ‘organic’ – means natural and without artificial additives. We would like to present you the latest shoko.design project – “100% organic”. All materials that were being used in the project bring pleasure for the family as well as come from nature as it was mainly: wood, stone, glass, concrete, cotton and jute. The owners of the apartment – Ola and Mike love journeys and have dreamt about their house being an experience of a poor, yet a comfortable stop between far famous destinations. The use of wood in the project was not only on the floor in the living room, but also on the wall in the kitchen or on the floor in the bathroom and in both bedrooms including the master.