A truly spectacular space of a two-level apartment in the center of Warsaw was an exciting challenge for us. The project was a little atypical than our usual projects, yet in our humble opinion we did really well. What was unusual about it? Definitely investors as they are not minimalists. Quite the opposite, they expected a cosy and warm, cosmopolitan interior. If we succeeded they have promised that we would do the next project for them in New York.

A two-level living room with a large stone wall is the heart of the house. The interior patio, that combines the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, makes a powerful impression. The kitchen with a view of the Palace of Culture and the golden island is a place that everyone, once seen, will surely remember for a long time. Huge flower pots with greenery, beautiful bookshelves, spectacular lamps. All elements of the apartment are top-class products. The living room is connected with the guest room that only becomes it after closing the glass walls and covering the curtains. Until then, it is the part of the living room. Due to this simple trick, an additional dozen square meters were gained. The stairs leading to the first floor are a sculpture itself.

All colors were perfectly matched with the investors’ favorite color: taupe. Delicate grey-beige can be found on window joinery, a specially designed sliding system of blinds, curtains, all walls, stone, carpets or fabrics. Thanks to this, the interior is extremely calm and subdued. Additional colors appear only as an addition. The whole floor is occupied by a master bedroom, a dressing room and another master bathroom. A pale pink color in the flat can be found as well. In this color there is a chair by the dresser and glass walls in the bathroom. The glazed wall of the bedroom leads straight to the beautiful terrace with a view of the very center of Warsaw.

The son’s room is the teenager’s kingdom. Simple, functional but with the character. A mix of pastel colors was chosen to create a calm and friendly space.