The design of the apartment is a result of two neighboring premises that were merged into one. A minimalistic, contrasting interior designed for a couple with two growing daughters.

The corridor greets us with a black solid wardrobe – visible from three sides of the cube resulting from the bathroom cabinet. The counterweight to this is the string of white wardrobes leading to the kitchen, simultaneously functioning in the vestibule as a wardrobe. The table is adjacent to two sides with a worktop – placing it in the kitchen allowed to create as much space in the further part of the apartment where a large family sofa and poufs were allocated for a spacious living room.

A corridor leading to the night zone leaves the living room. It is the space where previously two separated apartments were combined. To optically enlarge it and add lightness an illuminated stretch ceiling was used.

The first room available for communication is the investor’s bedroom. We suggested placing the mattress on a low, illuminated platform, filling the entire width of the room.