Irregular and the raw shape of the building became the inspiration to architects from Widawscy Studio Architektury for creating the interior of the house. The house is located in the northern district of the city Gliwice – Zerniki. Long, narrow and dynamic shape of the building grows out the street among traditional architecture like it is a work of art itself and for its architectural design corresponds to the extraneous architect Ms Urszula Rozanska-Owczarek. It was obvious for Widawscy Studio to reflect the dynamic nature of the building in the interior of the house. It is a modernist design – economical in colors and decorations with the focus on extraction of forms and materials used. The whole floor was finished with polished concrete floor and all the walls in the house have been painted in white. The white color also dominates in the case of dynamic and irregular structures of furniture that have been precisely designed by architects. The onlycolor accent inside the house are mint and turquoise colors that were selected by the client. Bright and spacious interior is inhabited by a 5-person family, for whom the combination of good quality and design was a priority when working with architects from Widawscy Studio Architektury.