The color contains power, however, are we aware of that?

Experts in the field of interior design warn against the use of dark colors when decorating a house or a flat – especially if we are the owners of small apartments. Such shades, when used in the wrong quantities, can overwhelm the arrangement.

However, it does not mean that fans of midnight blue or bottle green must completely give up on them. In this case, the simple rule to apply is moderation. It is worth limiting yourself to paint only one wall or reducing accessories or furniture ​​that will not introduce unnecessary chaos, but will be only a tasteful accent.

It is also true that expressive colors can be part of an optical game. They hide architectural defects, exhibit characteristic structural elements and model space. The question is how do they do it?

It is sufficient to paint both walls and the ceiling with an intense tone to make the small place look a bit larger and to use horizontal stripes in a narrow space to add the width. Strong tones should also be used to accentuate specific zones of the room – for example, the wall behind the bed headboard or a TV screen.

In addition, in order to change proportion, the aspect of color selection related to the psychology of colors is also important. Some shades have a calming effect others, on the contrary, motivate and stimulate to act, so you should use them wisely. Yellow and orange colors are loaded with positive emotions that symbolise optimism, creativity and create a good mood.

Red color triggers creative thinking. The excess can, however, harm, leading to irritation and overwhelming effect. In the case of blue tones – including midnight blue – specialists pay attention to their relaxing overtones. These colors soothe the nerves, help to fall asleep and they are associated with order and organisation, therefore, they have a very good effect on the household members.

In turn, greenery as shades stand for hope and happiness, provide a sense of security, harmony and balance. In its company, we will feel closer to the nature, and therefore more carefree, relaxed and we will act more naturally as well as openly.

The answer to the title question is not unambiguous, because color preferences are an individual matter. It is certain, however, that the dark colors are a serious competition for the idyllic colors of Scandinavia and they are chosen more and more often for the interior metamorphosis as they are the determinants of fashionable and unique decor with an emphasis on originality!