Apartment is located in Biskupin, Poland and is an example of a modern design. The seemingly boring beige and brown colors in the living room are energized with a juicy green color of the wall, where the TV is located. In the whole apartment lighting plays the first fiddle.

Apartment is located on Jazgarzewska street in Warsaw, Poland and depicts a very elegant and classy interior. The carefully selected accessories as well as the lighting results in an elevated character of the apartment.

A modern apartment located in the heart of Warsaw, near the Krolikarnia, is surrounded by a wonderful park. Designed interiors combined a modern style with elements of glam styling. Exclusive interiors have been created thanks to the combination of classic shapes and boutique arrangements. Stylish rooms, for demanding clients who want to forget in their apartment about the worries of everyday life. Five rooms mean five different interiors where everyone will find something amazing for themselves and each of them will make you feel special.