Interiors of a detached house in Jaworzno, Poland


Category: Bedroom


The area of ​​370m2 is spread over two floors.

The ground floor is the whole of the house’s living area with a large living room open to the garden and a dining room and a kitchen in the front part of the building. A characteristic element that organizes and divides the space is the black box integrating in its form both the functional elements of the above mentioned key functions of the day zone of the house as well as several supplementary rooms and vertical communication.

The black cuboid is placed centrally between the living room and the kitchen and the dining room on one side there is a fireplace and furniture building forming the wall of the living room on the other, high kitchen furniture and a pantry. Side walls of the “box” are accessible from the corridors – from the side of the driveway there are stairs, a toilet, and utility rooms, in turn from the back of the recreation room and further smaller utility rooms.
On the ground floor, the basic palette of colors and textures is very simple – black and white colors and a wooden parquet completing the whole.

THE FLOOR is a “night-time” zone – a private space for household members.
On the one side of the horizontal projection of this story we have a large bedroom with a centrally placed bed and a bathroom separated only by glass partitions and a large wardrobe. On the other side of the floor, we have two rooms, a bathroom and a wardrobe. The floor coloring is also synthetic and concise while it is warmer than in the daytime zone of the house – the black color is only an addition here, the leading role is taken over by a light shade of wood and white. Room designs were additionally personalized and equipped in accordance with the residents’ guidelines.

The interior of the house in Jaworzno is modern and minimalist.