House in Sokolow Podlaski, Poland


Category: Bedroom


This two-level house is inhabited by a family of four. The ground floor of the house is a shared area with a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, a hall, vestibule and a bathroom. On the first floor there is a main bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom, a study room and rooms with a bathroom for daughters. The living room with the dining room and the kitchen is a place full of light with a great view of the fields and forests of Podlasie. There is an idyllic atmosphere, which is a great background to a modern, minimalist interior. The base of the interior is white and contrasting black, warm wood color and accents of various shades of blue. The interior has a lot of storage space, which at first look may seem as only walls. In the wooden kitchen module the pantry was hidden and under the stairs there is the whole wall of practical cabinets. In the interior there are no unnecessary decorations, but a lot of patterns are placed on the floors and walls. In the kitchen it is a tile with graphics of a simplified pattern of white iodine and the ‘cardboard’ texture. In the main bedroom this is a black and white stripes and white brick wall. The central part of the house is a single-speed staircase with an original structure – hanging steps with cabinets underneath. In the bedroom and dressing area there is a module with a private bathroom – the walls of which have been finished with a mirror – as it makes the interior quite alluring. In the black zone of communication between the bathroom and the bedroom there is a dressing room and a seating corner with a cornflower armchair.