House in Chrzanow, Poland


Category: Living room


The interior of the house is composed of three levels. All of these combine a cleaning module, located in the central part of the house.  A staircase fulfils also additional functions. On the floor of its integral part, there are high kitchen buildings, booking racks and holland hangers. On the next floor, the built-in module has been installed with the cabinet with a television. On the other side there is a flight cabinet. In selected parts of the house, raw concrete leafings are contrasted with smooth white wall surfaces and furniture walls that included also osb board. They are presented on the walls and walled on white. Ceramic tiles in belts imitate osb panel structure as well. Given the separation of the kitchen, garden party from the living room, the designers have opted for the convenience in the dining room. At the square table, except chairs there are also two sofas. The second floor contains a recreational part. In there high number of fabrics can be found.