The design of an apartment in a tenement house in Warsaw


Category: Living room


The idea of ​​designing an apartment located in one of the Warsaw tenement houses at Bagatela Street was to display all the specific features of the stone interior: the height of the rooms, the shape and size of the windows as well as the stucco decorating the walls.

The uniqueness of the apartment has been highlighted above all by introducing a herringbone in a warm shade over its entire surface. A parquet floor covered the living room, the dining room, the office, the bedroom and children’s rooms. This floor not only perfectly fits into the special style it represents and imposes a flat located in a tenement house, but it also perfectly suits sophisticated aesthetics. An additional treatment emphasising the elegant appearance of the room and well harmonizing with the shade of the laid parquet is a mild color, maintained in the color of white and black.

The role of the investors themselves could not be overestimated in creating the overall vision and the climate of the flat. Good and engaging cooperation of both sides of the venture – investors and the designer – is always one of the most important factors contributing to the success of the final result. Thanks to valuable suggestions from the family members there was, among others, a fireplace in a beautiful, black, restrained frame, additionally surrounded by the stucco. Above it, in a black, simple frame, hangs a large mirror behind which the television is hidden. A fireplace and a mirror are the focal point of the living room.

The walls of the whole apartment are white and covered with the stucco. The oblong and slender shape of the applied decorations further exposes the unusual height of the interior. In the bathroom, consistently as in the other rooms, white color reigns on the walls. Black, however, appears mainly in the form of accessories such as furniture (tables, table tops and chairs), lighting (hanging and standing lamps) and decorations (mirror frames, fireplace borders, flower pots and other details). Accessories and furniture in black color also blend well with the darker rings of herringbone boards. It is also worth paying attention to the matching of white and black floor tiles located in the corridor and the kitchen with wooden parquet dominating in the rest of the flat. The whole juxtaposed with white walls proves that a well-chosen floor can be the main and at the same time extremely impressive decoration of the entire living space.