The circle


Category: Living room


IDEA – an introduction
In the given space, functional elements were separated and recorded in the form of freely distributed blocks – districts. The system was processed, modifying the blocks in terms of spatial and functional order as well as the size and ergonomics of space. The resulting composition of the lumps was wrapped in something like a ribbon or thread. The thread writhes around the apartment, wrapping the lumps – functional blocks, hanging on the ceiling; visually binds all elements of the system into one homogeneous totality.

Functional program
┬áThe flat was shaped on the basis of ideally assumed round functional elements and an open space that shapes between the circles. Level 1 is the day zone and consists of: an open living room with light, openwork spiral stairs leading to the mezzanine, a dining room, a kitchen with a circular island and high buildings along the wall, and a toilet block with a washing machine and a work area separated from the living room. This part can be opened, closed, adapted to the needs of everyday life (multifunctional space). Light steel staircase does not limit the space, quite the contrary it diversifies it, creating an interesting element on the background of the wall, finished with white cladding panels (vertical in a regular rhythm). In the living room there are round pouffs loosely arranged within the rest of the area, emphasizing the freedom of the layout. Open plans of “rooms” interpenetrate and together with loosely placed elements of closed parts of the flat create different, unique views in each place. Level 2. Mezzanine is a private zone for people living here. It continues the ideological assumptions of the project. There is a spacious bedroom with a round bed, a bathroom and a wardrobe with a division for two people. The level has an open plan, intimacy gives it round shapes of bathrooms and wardrobes.