A house in Krakow, Poland


Category: Living room



The subject of the design work was the interior of a house located in Krakow in the Prokocim district. Investors’ wish was to create two functional, cosy and spacious, two separate but well-connected flats. The project concerned 78.62 m2 of semi-detached interiors: a living room with a kitchenette and a dining room, a hall, a bedroom with a place to work, a son’s room, a daughter’s room, two bathrooms and an entrance area with stairs.

A characteristic element of this arrangement is the unveiled roof structure truss in a large part of the daytime zone of the house. This treatment has been introduced not only to achieve the unique decorative effect of this type of solution, but to increase the usable volume of the day zone (to get extra space above your head). The beams together with roof slats, appearing in almost every room of the house, have become the dominant element of the interior design. Another very effective operation aimed at increasing the optical interior was to remove part of the wall between the stairs and the dining room and to locate on the wall of the staircase and bedroom photo wallpaper with the landscape. The rest of the arrangement was based on carefully selected colors and finishing materials. Children’s rooms refer to the tastes of colors and current tastes of their small users. A surprise, due to the intense colors being used, could be bathrooms maintained in two dominant colors: white and blue. The impression of space in bathrooms was to be provided by high-gloss wall tiles and a wallpaper with a sailing motif printed on the glass.

Our advice:

Biofireplace (eco-friendly) in the interior.

The protection of the environment and the accompanying restrictions on traditional fireplaces popularized with its mainly decorative function – biofireplaces. Various types of biofireplaces include: hanging, free-standing, table, corner or wall and they fit perfectly to create an original decoration of any interior, requiring no special installation process. Living fire introduced into the interior of the apartment gives it cosiness and introduces an atmosphere of relaxation. Thanks to the rich design, diversity in shapes of products and the latest technologies, we can choose from a wide range of different manufacturers.

Bio-fireplace is a fireplace for liquid or gel fuel. The prefix “bio” is largely a marketing trick, the point is that the bio-fireplace does not produce smoke, exhaust or ash. When used for about 5 hours, it generates as much carbon dioxide as the exhalation of 3 breathing adults at the same time. It does not require connection to the chimney or ventilation, hence a wide range of fireplace location is in the interior. When writing about the advantages of this type of products it is necessary to emphasize that this type of fireplaces increase the temperature of the interior, in which they are located about 2-5 ° C, so they cannot be an independent source of heating. It is also important that rooms in which we locate the bio fireplaces should be well ventilated.